2015 Special Coffees

When our coffee buyers travel, they always look for a special coffee to bring home.  In 2015, they found two special coffees to share with customers.
Geisha holiday coffeeThe first coffee commanded their attention.  It was clearly the best coffee they tasted at the day’s cupping table and on that buying trip. Grown and milled by Antonio Barrantes at the Herbazu Estate in the West Valley of Costa Rica, this SL-28 is a Kenya varietal. Barrantes processed it at the Herbazu Micro Mill which is in the center of the coffee farm.  Our buyers bought the Herbazu SL-28 immediately.  Months later, we learned that coffee won 1st Place in Costa Rica’s Cup of Excellence.  You can enjoy the best coffee Coast Rica produced this year or gift it this season.  Ladro’s Herbazu SL-28 is available in 200 gram bags for $22.00.  With bright notes of starfruit and key lime, this coffee mellows into a creamy body with a long savory finish. It’s fantastic!

The second coffee we are showcasing this season is Ladro’s Costa Rica Brumas Geisha, available in 200 gram bags for $22.00.  The Geisha varietal has become the darling of the coffee industry both its rarity and quality. To have a natural process Geisha is even more rare and the Brumas Geisha Natural will win your taste buds with notes of rosehip, dried cherry, and a nuanced honey finish. The Geisha varietal is a delicate, low-yielding plant that comes to Central America from Ethiopia. While it’s known for being difficult to grow, this varietal rewards dedicated farmers like Juan Ramon Alvarado Rodriguez with superb flavors in the cup.  He says, “Agriculture is in his blood.”  When you taste his coffee, you will taste all the knowledge and care that went into growing, picking, drying and roasting this lovely coffee.
 Herbazu holiday coffee
These 2015 special coffees are perfect indulgences for this holiday season.  Gift your hosts, treat your friends, or treat yourself.  You can find these Costa Rican stand-out coffees in our cafes and at our online store.