2017 International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th is 2017 International Women’s Day.  In honor of the women around the world who work in all aspects of the coffee industry, we changed our website banner to red.

We honor stewards who tend coffee plants in nurseries and fields.

We honor pickers who judge peak ripeness and gently pick cherries.

We honor cooks who feed the coffee pickers.

We honor mill workers who monitor the drying processes.

We honor roasters whose precision cuppings bring coffee flavors alive.

We honor warehouse staff who fulfill customer orders.

We honor baristas who brew each drink with care.

We honor managers who train and guide baristas.


Thank you for your work. We, at Caffe Ladro, are warmed by your dedication and art.


Highlighting coffee sorters on 2017 International Women's Day  Highlighting baristas on 2017 International Women's Day

Highlighting coffee pickers on 2017 International Women's Day Highlighting coffee mill workers and managers on 2017 International Women's Day

Above photos of coffee workers are from Nicaragua, USA, El Salvador and Costa Rica respectively.

The United Nations shares more about 2017 International Women’s Day.