Caffe Ladro Announces New Location in South Lake Union

400 Fairview is the home of the new Caffe Ladro


Jack Kelly, CEO of Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting announces a new location will open at 400 Fairview in South Lake Union next week. Designed by Atelier Drome, the sleek, modern café utilizes the latest and best technology the coffee industry has to offer.

Ladro Man marks the entrance to Caffe Ladro at 400 Fairview Seattle

Situated in the heart of South Lake Union, Caffe Ladro guests enter from the street, or from inside the market hall where a steel Ladro man marks the location. The café has a warm modern feel.  What draws the eye is the Mod Bar espresso system that looks more like a 1950s soda fountain than coffee equipment, chosen by Jack Kelly because it allows great control of espresso extraction. “By using programmable pressure profiling, we are able to better dial in our espresso,” explains Kelly. In addition, since the bulk of the espresso machine is under the counter, Kelly shares, “Barriers are removed and customers can view their coffees made from start to finish. The Mod Bar transforms the coffee experience.”

Caffe Ladro 400 Fairview Seattle has a Mod Bar

Anchoring the far end of the counter, two Marco SP 9 machines await for single-cup brewing.  The Marco SP 9s have new technology that permit great control through programmable pulse brewing to highlight Caffe Ladro’s diverse single origin menu. The Sp 9 provides an opportunity for a variety of brewing methods. For batch brewing, Ladro chose the Marco Jet Brewer. This café has more cutting edge gear: the white EK 43 grinder for single origins and the highly consistent Simonelli Mythos Climapro for Ladro espresso, as well as nitro cold brew on tap.

Geometric Colorful Mural and Chrome lighting provide warmth and energy at Caffe Ladro 400 Fairview Seattle

The use of natural and sustainable materials warm the space while the colorful geometric mural and chrome lighting fixtures infuse the interior with energy. The café hours are: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday. Veteran Ladro Manager, James Lim, trained at Mod Bar headquarters and learned, not only how to make perfect coffee using their system, but also how to trouble-shoot equipment. He and his staff are ready to share their love and knowledge of coffee.


400 Fairview is the 15th Caffe Ladro in the Seattle area.  We hope to see you there!

To learn more about Caffe Ladro’s locations, please see our website.