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Roasting Responsibly.

Caffe Ladro’s sourcing program strives to discover the highest quality coffees and pay fair prices directly to the farmer.

We work cooperatively with the farmers to better their agricultural practices and lives. Through farm direct trade, our Seattle coffee buying team travels the world to find the best coffees each growing season. Sourcing coffees from the farms where they are grown is a transformative experience. CEO and Buyer, Jack Kelly, explains:

“When we visit farms and see the amount of work and care that goes into our coffee, it is a humbling experience. This motivates us to treat the coffee with great respect and deliver perfectly roasted coffees to our customers.”

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For Orders, please email

Email Jack Kelly or Scott Baldwin for a comprehensive list of our wholesale offerings, including coffee blends, flavor syrups, and tea.

Jack Kelly, CEO and Buyer –
Scott Baldwin, Director of Wholesale –

We’ve been proudly roasting for wholesale customers since 2011. We offer blends, micro lots, and custom roasts to retailers, restaurants, cafes, and offices around the country. Our team provides excellent service and education for all your Seattle coffee needs. Whether you require a full-service office amenity, whole bean espresso for your cafe, or drip coffee for your restaurant, we will get you coffee that will keep your customers coming back for more.

As one of our satisfied wholesale customers says:

Ladro Roasting trains all our baristas, so they can use the finest coffee to make your espresso, coffee and coffee drinks just the way you like them. . . Perfect!

About Caffe Ladro

Now a Seattle coffee institution, Caffe Ladro opened our first location on Upper Queen Anne in 1994. From the intimate vibe of that single café and bakery, we grew to fifteen locations around Seattle that maintain our superb coffee, signature friendly atmosphere, and freshly baked goods. Ladro has always been a pioneer of sustainably and ethically produced coffee. In 2011, we launched a new division of the company: Ladro Roasting. Now we source our own green coffees directly from the farmers and roast single origins and blends at our Queen Anne roastery. Our cupping lab and training program ensure customers always receive perfection. We’re profoundly dedicated to serving our customers and community.