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Sinergia Project

Sinergia Project: Better Together
We are so excited to announce the Sinergia Project! We’ve been brewing it for months and are pumped to share  the details of the project and the first release. So, what is the Sinergia Project? Great question. Sinergia, is Italian for synergy, and we are doing just that: creating synergy. Our process […]

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College Coffee Gear

College Coffee Gear
If you have a small kitchen or your favorite college student is packing to move to a dorm or apartment, we have the perfect small kitchen and college coffee gear to make things easy.  Actually, we have a few ideas to help people brew quality coffee in dorm rooms or small kitchens (and we have the quality […]

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Coffee Dyed Eggs Recipe for Spring DIY

Coffee Dyed Eggs

How happy are you the sun is finally beginning to peek around the clouds on a somewhat regular basis? We’re so delighted, we ran outside and gathered bowls of flowers, grass clippings, and leaves to use in dying some eggs. Whether or not you have a bunny that lays eggs in your garden […]

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My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry
by Fredrik Backman


My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by international bestselling author, Fredrik Backman, is Ladro’s virtual book club choice for spring.

Elsa, the protagonist, is a seven-year-old, precocious girl who does not have any friends at school.  Her Granny is seventy-years-old, outrageous in all […]

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Six Rules for Making Great Coffee

Six Rules for Making Great Coffee
1. Buy freshly roasted, whole bean coffee.
2. Grind your coffee just before brewing.
3. If you’re a coffee geek, use your scale to weigh the coffee and water. (Our ratios for different brewing methods here.)
4. If you’re not a coffee geek, we recommend this ratio: 2 tbsp to 6 oz water.
5. […]

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2017 International Women’s Day Caffe Ladro

2017 International Women’s Day
Today, March 8th is 2017 International Women’s Day.  In honor of the women around the world who work in all aspects of the coffee industry, we changed our website banner to red.
We honor stewards who tend coffee plants in nurseries and fields.
We honor pickers who judge peak ripeness and gently pick cherries.
We honor […]

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Spring 2017 Guatemala Coffee Buying Trip

Spring 2017 Guatemala Coffee Buying Trip
Day 3 is a travel day.

We were up at 5:00 to leave for Guatemala. Our 2017 Guatemala coffee buying trip began as we drove to Unitrade, a very nice mill that takes coffees from 800 different producers. The operators shared a detailed tour of the facility, and then we cupped. We cupped many heavy […]

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Spring 2017 Coffee Buying Trip Journal

Spring 2017 Coffee Buying Trip Journal
Day 1

To begin our Spring 2017 coffee buying trip, we traveled to the impressive West Valley, Costa Rica. We stopped first at La Eva, a micro mill, where we got an amazing tour and a lovely breakfast.

Then we hopped in the bus and headed for La Perla. This micro mill is owned […]

March 2nd, 2017|Coffee Buying|0 Comments

Virtual Book Club Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Virtual Book Club Commonwealth
by Ann Patchett

December is the perfect time to find your favorite spot and settle in with your coffee for a longer read. Remember this is a virtual book club. We won’t check on your progress, but you might spy another reader at your local Caffe Ladro. Maybe the two of you will discuss […]

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Virtual Book Club When Breath Becomes Air

Join us this fall as we Virtual Book Club When Breath Becomes Air, written by neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi.

This memoir, published posthumously, is an introspective look at life and what makes it worth living; at work and what work is worth doing; and at death and what makes a good death– if such a thing exists.

“Where there is […]

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