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400 Fairview is the home of the new Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro Announces New Location in South Lake Union

400 Fairview is the home of the new Caffe Ladro


Jack Kelly, CEO of Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting announces a new location will open at 400 Fairview in South Lake Union next week. Designed by Atelier Drome, the sleek, modern café utilizes the latest and best technology the coffee […]

January 14th, 2016|Caffe Ladro|0 Comments

Micro-lot Coffees January 2016

Micro-lot coffees are special. Just as wines differ by region and variety, Micro-lot coffees are derived from specific bean varietals, carefully picked at one farm, and processed in separate lots. That coffee is then carefully processed and roasted to bring out the flavors inherent in the bean because of where it is grown and the weather […]

January 8th, 2016|Caffe Ladro, Coffee Education, Coffee Roasting|1 Comment

CoffeeFlour New Ingredient

CoffeeFlour ® is a new culinary ingredient.

Caffe Ladro’s Creative Baker and Coffee Educators recently visited the CoffeeFlour ® Lab where Chef and Company Creative Director, Jason Wilson, made them everything from fettuccini and vinaigrette to olive oil coffee cakes made from CoffeeFlour ®! Our staff learned about the process of making the flour.

How is it made?  Producers […]

December 24th, 2015|Bakery, Coffee Education|0 Comments

2015 Special Coffees

2015 Special Coffees
When our coffee buyers travel, they always look for a special coffee to bring home.  In 2015, they found two special coffees to share with customers.
The first coffee commanded their attention.  It was clearly the best coffee they tasted at the day’s cupping table and on that buying trip. Grown and milled by Antonio Barrantes at […]

November 18th, 2015|Caffe Ladro, Coffee Education, Gifts|0 Comments

Coffee Cupping

Coffee Cupping
What is coffee cupping?  Simply put, coffee cupping uses a specific ratio of coffee to water that allows for accurate assessment of coffee flavor and quality.  It is a great way to compare coffees for both the professional buyer and the coffee enthusiast. Used internationally, it is the method for tasting coffee to identify […]

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Ladro Profiles Matthew Carruthers

Ladro Profiles Matthew Carruthers

Caffe Ladro’s Director of Education, Matthew Carruthers, started in the coffee industry when he was 12-years-old. He worked at a coffee roaster weighing and bagging coffee by hand.  At home, he made espresso for his family to enjoy. He started using Costco coffee beans and kept trying to find better and better […]

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Honey Processed Coffee

Honey Processed Coffee
Honey Processed Coffee, is truly a misnomer. No honey is used in the processing and the coffee that results from the process does not have the flavor of honey. It is a process that comes out of Costa Rica.  These coffees are also called Pulped-Natural.

Coffee resulting from Honey Process, or semi-washed process that leaves […]

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Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly

Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly

CFO & Partner at Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

This guy makes the Ladro machine go.  He is the wizard behind the curtain at the Lower Queen Anne Caffe Ladro Business Office.  He remembers numbers were always his thing.  In fact, at age seven, his mother taught him how to balance a checkbook. He and […]

September 18th, 2015|Caffe Ladro|0 Comments

Autumn Menu

Caffe Ladro Autumn Menu
With temperatures cooling, we’re introducing the Caffe Ladro Autumn Menu.


Our real Pumpkin syrup is now available. One of our followers recently tweeted: Caffe Ladro has had #realpumpkinspicelattesforyears. It is true.  We love that you notice our attention to quality ingredients. To make our pumpkin syrup we cook pumpkin with fall spices, finely sieve those ingredients and combine the […]

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Ladro Profiles Dismas Smith

Ladro Profiles Dismas Smith

Head Roaster, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

2002 North American Barista Champion (6th in the world), Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, husband, father and all-around happy guy, Dismas Smith manages the Roastery for Ladro Roasting. Mondays at the Roastery typically begin with a coffee cupping and a meeting with Caffe Ladro and Ladro Roasting sales […]

August 28th, 2015|Caffe Ladro, Coffee Roasting|3 Comments