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Ladro Profiles Matthew Carruthers

Ladro Profiles Matthew Carruthers

Caffe Ladro’s Director of Education, Matthew Carruthers, started in the coffee industry when he was 12-years-old. He worked at a coffee roaster weighing and bagging coffee by hand.  At home, he made espresso for his family to enjoy. He started using Costco coffee beans and kept trying to find better and better […]

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Honey Processed Coffee Examples

Honey Processed Coffee
Honey Processed Coffee, is truly a misnomer. No honey is used in the processing and the coffee that results from the process does not have the flavor of honey. It is a process that comes out of Costa Rica.  These coffees are also called Pulped-Natural.

Coffee resulting from Honey Process, or semi-washed process that leaves […]

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Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly, CFO and Partner

Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly
CFO & Partner at Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

Ladro profiles Bob Ohly because this guy makes the Ladro machine go!  He is the wizard behind the curtain at the Lower Queen Anne Caffe Ladro Business Office.  He remembers numbers were always his thing.  In fact, at age seven, his mother taught him how to balance […]

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Ladro Profiles Dismas Smith

Ladro Profiles Dismas Smith

Head Roaster, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

2002 North American Barista Champion (6th in the world), Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, husband, father and all-around happy guy, Dismas Smith manages the Roastery for Ladro Roasting. Mondays at the Roastery typically begin with a coffee cupping and a meeting with Caffe Ladro and Ladro Roasting sales […]

August 28th, 2015|Caffe Ladro, Coffee Roasting|4 Comments

AeroPress Coffee

AeroPress Coffee
Inexpensive, fast, versatile, and great for traveling, the AeroPress brewer is one of our favorites.

The Basics

The AeroPress coffee maker is a single serving coffee brewer.
It brews a quality cup of coffee in as little as two minutes.
Aerobie’s small, light-weight design makes this brewer perfect for travelers and minimalists.

The Story

After years of designing sport toys, […]

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College Coffee Gear

If you have a small kitchen or your favorite college student is packing to move to a dorm or apartment, we have the perfect small kitchen and college coffee gear to make things easy.  Actually, we have a few ideas to help people brew quality coffee in dorm rooms or small kitchens (and we have the quality coffee, too).

College […]

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Coffee Processing Methods

Coffee Processing Methods
When you purchase specialty coffee at a café or grocery, the labels often indicates the coffee processing methods used to prepare the green coffees.  If you are curious about how coffee makes its way from a cherry on a tree to the green commodity that is shipped to coffee roasters around the world, below […]

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Ladro Profiles

Ladro Profiles
Jack Kelly, Founder, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

“If you don’t know perfect coffee, you don’t know Jack.”

We thought it was high-time we share Ladro Profiles and introduce the people who make your coffee. Back in the days when Ladro was one Upper Queen Anne store, if you watched Jack Kelly work the bar, you would think […]

July 27th, 2015|Caffe Ladro|2 Comments

Best Ways to Store Coffee

Best Ways to Store Coffee
Coffee lovers learn quickly that buying freshly roasted whole beans makes for a better brew. They also know that grinding coffee beans just prior to brewing is a key to a quality cup. A question we hear often is, “How should I store coffee beans until I grind them?” Here we offer the best ways […]

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Learn Coffee Flavor Variables

Learn Coffee Flavor Variables
Caffe Ladro baristas learn coffee flavor variables before they ever learn how to pull espresso or brew coffee.  Our staff study how each element impacts the cups they make for customers. We use the below info-graphic in barista education at Caffe Ladro. We thought it would help coffee lovers, like you, consider how many aspects affect the coffee flavors you experience. […]

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