Cascara Tea

Caffe Ladro Cascara Tea Close Up

Cascara is the name for the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. The word originated in late 19th century Spain–cascara sagrada–meaning sacred bark. According to, cascara tastes sweet and fruity with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red current, and mango. Cascara tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee.

Using the dried husk or pulp of the coffee cherry to produce cascara tea is a relatively new practice in the United States. However, people living in regions with a long history of growing coffee, like Ethiopia and Yemen, passed down the practice generation after generation.

Caffe Ladro Hot Cascara Tea recipe

First, weigh 3 grams of cascara. Place it into an infuser or sachet.

Then add 16 oz of hot water (200°F).

Finally, steep for at least 5 minutes.

Enjoy this tea as is or add your honey, sugar, milk, etc. to taste.

Caffe Ladro cascara tea in cup with dry cascara

Caffe Ladro Cold Cascara Tea recipe

Place 6 grams of cascara in a quart jar.

Then add 16 oz of hot water (200°F).

Steep jar for 30 minutes and strain.

Allow to cool overnight and enjoy over ice.

Caffe Ladro Cascara Three Ways

We also made a syrup using the cascara and grapefruit that we like in sodas and in our black iced tea. Our baristas enjoyed experimenting with and creating new recipes using cascara. They have made cascara-herb infused reductions to use in sodas and cocktails and even cascara ice cubes. If you create something you love, please share it with us in the comments section.


Using cascara positively impacts the environment.Dry cascara on marble

When farmers and mills process coffees by pulping and fully washing them, the fruit becomes waste.  When farmers and coffee millers dry the pulp and husk, what was once waste becomes another source of income. We hope this tea and our cascara infused syrup pique your interest about how coffee is grown and processed.  By offering a variety of cascara beverages, we invite you to learn more history and information about the coffees and beverages you enjoy.

Every coffee has a story and this cascara does, too. It comes from the Helsar de Zarcero mill in Costa Rica. We are releasing a yellow honey processed coffee from this mill soon.  You may find it fun to compare the coffee and the cascara, since they experienced the same terroir.