Espresso Chip Cake

Espresso Chip Cake
We know some of you were missing our Espresso Chip Cake so we wanted to let you know it is back in the stores.

Sometimes customers ask, “What desserts pair best with coffee?” Maybe they are hosting a brunch or maybe they have planning their dessert after a lovely dinner with friends.  Whatever the […]

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Ladro Profiles: Karren Meyer, Bakery Manager

Ladro Profiles: Karren Meyer, Bakery Manager
We’re shared Ladro Profiles of our owners and roaster, but we haven’t shared one about our bakery staff. If you’ve visited the bakery page of our website, you’ve seen Karren Meyer, Bakery Manager, at work. She is the baker in white, holding the breads and in the background working on […]

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CoffeeFlour New Ingredient

CoffeeFlour ® is a new culinary ingredient.

Caffe Ladro’s Creative Baker and Coffee Educators recently visited the CoffeeFlour ® Lab where Chef and Company Creative Director, Jason Wilson, made them everything from fettuccini and vinaigrette to olive oil coffee cakes made from CoffeeFlour ®! Our staff learned about the process of making the flour.

How is it made?  Producers […]

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