Scott Baldwin–Wholesale Coffee Director

Wholesale Coffee Director
We sat down with Scott Baldwin to gather a profile of his work history and life.  He kindly answered a few questions for us.
How did I come to coffee?
As a warehouse manager for a local coffee syrup company, and was exposed to Seattle coffee roasters while making deliveries. At that time, my favorite drinks were flavored […]

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Cascara Tea Now Available

Cascara Tea

Cascara is the name for the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. The word originated in late 19th century Spain–cascara sagrada–meaning sacred bark. According to, cascara tastes sweet and fruity with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red current, and mango. Cascara tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee.

Using the dried husk or pulp of […]

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Adrienne Kerrigan Wholesale Marketing Coordinator

Ladro Profiles
Adrienne Kerrigan Wholesale Marketing Coordinator

Wholesale Marketing Coordinator, Adrienne Kerrigan, first worked as a barista at a small Seattle bakery in 2007, after dabbling in teaching and editing. She eventually found her way to the Seattle warehouse of Tony’s Coffees and Teas. When Ladro started roasting, she joined the Caffe Ladro team. She is great with […]

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Grit Virtual Book Club

Grit Virtual Book Club

Genius grants are desired by many and received by few. The MacCarthur Foundation supports “creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.” Ladro is excited to share Grit Virtual Book Club this summer. Grit written by Angela Duckworth, shares “everything she learned about grit as a scientist, […]

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Ladro Virtual Book Club

Coffee and books are such a great pair, we decided to begin a Ladro Virtual Book Club.
Each month, we’ll share a well reviewed  book. Though we won’t be hosting events at stores, we’re hoping you might spy other readers at our cafes and have the chance to make new connections. We hope you enjoy Ladro […]

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Ladro Profiles Dustin Thomas

 Ladro Profiles Dustin Thomas, Coffee Roaster

Ladro profiles coffee roaster, Dustin Thomas. We asked a few questions about coffee and his life so you could get to know more about the one of the people behind the brews you enjoy.

Dustin, how did you come to coffee and Ladro?

“When I was younger my dad had a siphon coffee brewer […]

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Costa Rica 2016 Day 7 and 8

Jack Kelly (Owner) and Dismas Smith (Head Roaster) share experiences from visiting coffee farms in Costa Rica. They offer their journal daily so we can share the stories of the coffees you find at Caffe Ladro.
Costa Rica 2016
Day 7

For sure, this was not our most efficient day of travel!  We arrived in Costa Rica about 12:00 […]

El Salvador 2016 Day 5 and 6

Jack Kelly (Owner) and Dismas Smith (Head Roaster) share experiences from El Salvador, as they visit coffee farms in Central America. They offer their journal daily so we can share the stories of the coffees you find at Caffe Ladro.
El Salvador 2016
Day 5
We’re up early and make coffee for Nena and Hermann.  After and nice breakfast, we walk […]

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2016 Ladro Spring Contest

To be eligible to win the 2016 Ladro Spring Contest prizes you must. . . 
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To Play our 2016 Ladro Spring Contest. . . Post photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and win!
Week 1—Show us how you brew with Caffe Ladro […]

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Espresso Chip Cake

Espresso Chip Cake
We know some of you were missing our Espresso Chip Cake so we wanted to let you know it is back in the stores.

Sometimes customers ask, “What desserts pair best with coffee?” Maybe they are hosting a brunch or maybe they have planning their dessert after a lovely dinner with friends.  Whatever the […]

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