College Coffee Gear

College Coffee Gear
If you have a small kitchen or your favorite college student is packing to move to a dorm or apartment, we have the perfect small kitchen and college coffee gear to make things easy.  Actually, we have a few ideas to help people brew quality coffee in dorm rooms or small kitchens (and we have the quality […]

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Six Rules for Making Great Coffee

Six Rules for Making Great Coffee
1. Buy freshly roasted, whole bean coffee.
2. Grind your coffee just before brewing.
3. If you’re a coffee geek, use your scale to weigh the coffee and water. (Our ratios for different brewing methods here.)
4. If you’re not a coffee geek, we recommend this ratio: 2 tbsp to 6 oz water.
5. […]

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Costa Rica 2016 Day 7 and 8

Jack Kelly (Owner) and Dismas Smith (Head Roaster) share experiences from visiting coffee farms in Costa Rica. They offer their journal daily so we can share the stories of the coffees you find at Caffe Ladro.
Costa Rica 2016
Day 7

For sure, this was not our most efficient day of travel!  We arrived in Costa Rica about 12:00 […]

Nicaragua 2016 Day 1-2

Jack Kelly (Owner) and Dismas Smith (Head Roaster) share experiences from Nicaragua day 1 -2, as they visit coffee farms in Central America. They share their journal daily so we can share the stories of the coffees you find at Caffe Ladro.
Nicaragua–02/16/16–Day 1

We’ve had a wonderful start to our Central America trip.  Our first visit […]

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Micro-lot Coffees January 2016

Micro-lot coffees are special. Just as wines differ by region and variety, Micro-lot coffees are derived from specific bean varietals, carefully picked at one farm, and processed in separate lots. That coffee is then carefully processed and roasted to bring out the flavors inherent in the bean because of where it is grown and the weather […]

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CoffeeFlour New Ingredient

CoffeeFlour ® is a new culinary ingredient.

Caffe Ladro’s Creative Baker and Coffee Educators recently visited the CoffeeFlour ® Lab where Chef and Company Creative Director, Jason Wilson, made them everything from fettuccini and vinaigrette to olive oil coffee cakes made from CoffeeFlour ®! Our staff learned about the process of making the flour.

How is it made?  Producers […]

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2015 Special Coffees

2015 Special Coffees
When our coffee buyers travel, they always look for a special coffee to bring home.  In 2015, they found two special coffees to share with customers.
The first coffee commanded their attention.  It was clearly the best coffee they tasted at the day’s cupping table and on that buying trip. Grown and milled by Antonio Barrantes at […]

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Coffee Cupping

Coffee Cupping
What is coffee cupping?  Simply put, coffee cupping uses a specific ratio of coffee to water that allows for accurate assessment of coffee flavor and quality.  It is a great way to compare coffees for both the professional buyer and the coffee enthusiast. Used internationally, it is the method for tasting coffee to identify […]

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Honey Processed Coffee Examples

Honey Processed Coffee
Honey Processed Coffee, is truly a misnomer. No honey is used in the processing and the coffee that results from the process does not have the flavor of honey. It is a process that comes out of Costa Rica.  These coffees are also called Pulped-Natural.

Coffee resulting from Honey Process, or semi-washed process that leaves […]

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AeroPress Coffee

AeroPress Coffee
Inexpensive, fast, versatile, and great for traveling, the AeroPress brewer is one of our favorites.

The Basics

The AeroPress coffee maker is a single serving coffee brewer.
It brews a quality cup of coffee in as little as two minutes.
Aerobie’s small, light-weight design makes this brewer perfect for travelers and minimalists.

The Story

After years of designing sport toys, […]

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