If you are a daily café visitor, you’ve likely noticed that the barista grind the coffee beans for your espresso right before he/she pulls your shots.  If you are at a café while the baristas are making drip or pour-over coffee, you’ve surely heard the grinder.  Grinding the beans just before brewing is a key to making the best cup of coffee possible.  It makes sense then, if you brew at home, to learn to choose your coffee grind to match your brewing method.

All the coffee experts in the world advise that you invest in a burr grinder.  They would tell you blade grinders are great for grinding whole spices, but that is where their greatness ends.  A burr grinder shaves the beans while blade grinders shatter them.  A burr grinder permits you to precisely control the coffee grind so you achieve the coarseness or fineness required for the brew method you prefer.

The following describes different types of grind levels and their coffee brew method mates.

Extra-Coarse Coffee Grind is best for cold brewing.Extra-Course Coffee Grind with espresso cup and coffee beans on plate.








Coarse Coffee Grind is best for a French Press, Chemex, and for professional cupping of different coffees.Course Grind Coffee with espresso cup and beans for scale.









Medium Coffee Grind encompasses two categories.

  1. Drip Grind is perfect for your automatic drip brewer.
  2. Fine Drip Grind is your friend when brewing using a pour-over method like the Bonavita Immersion Dripper, and Clever Dripper.Medium Coffee Grind with espresso cup and beans for scale









Fine Coffee Grind is what we call Espresso Grind, whether you are pulling those shots or making them on your stove-top and is also a great choice when brewing with an Aeropress Brewer.

Fine Coffee Grind with espresso cup and beans for scale.








Extra-Fine Coffee Grind is what you need if you are brewing Turkish or Greek coffee.

Here is a list of burr grinders we recommend for home and/or travel use.

Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder is easy to use, perfect for travel and retails for $54.99 at our cafés and our on-line store.  The stainless steel design has ceramic burrs and smooth hand grinding action.  If you are tired in the morning, you may want to consider an electric grinder.

Ladro recommends the Baratza Encore burr grinder that retails for $129.00 at our cafés.