Standing in front of a wall of coffee beans can cause anxiety.  Which ones do you choose?  How do you know you will like them?  How do you translate the roast profile into a match for your palette?  Here are a few tips to guide you.

Get to know some basic terms coffee roasters use.

A saucer of light roast coffee beans

Light Roast Coffee

Light Roast indicates both the light brown color of the coffee bean and the lower temperature to which it is roasted.  This coffee is roasted to what is called first crack (a temperature at which the beans expand in size), will have no oil on the surface of the bean and will have noticeable acidity when brewed.  Flavors from the bean’s origin are better retained in a light roast than in a darker roast.  Light roast coffees retain the most caffeine.  While enjoying light roast coffee, you will notice more subtle flavors than with any other roast.  Caffe Ladro Micro Lot coffees are our lightest roasts.





A saucer containing medium roast coffee beans.

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast coffees are medium brown in color and have been roasted past first crack and into second crack of the bean.  They appear dry on the surface and will showcase more balanced flavor, aroma and acidity.  Medium roast coffees have less caffeine than light roast coffees.  Most of Caffe Ladro Blends are medium roast to bring out the flavors customers have come to expect. Caffe Ladro offers four signature blends that are perfect examples of medium roast coffee.






A saucer of dark roast coffee beans.

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast coffees are dark brown in color and will appear shiny because the oil of the coffee is now on the surface of the bean.  Many of the coffees nuanced flavors from origin are hidden by the flavors of the roasting process.  Dark roast coffees also have less caffeine than those roasted to the light or medium stage.  This is why most after dinner coffees are dark roast.  Our Caffe Ladro Diablo blend is our darkest roast, though during the winter months, we create a Fireside blend that is a dark roast and perfect for enjoying by the fire or after dinner.



Your personal preferences and the time of day will determine the type of roast you choose.  You might get your jump on the day with a light roast for the amazing flavors of origin and the higher caffeine content and round out the night with a dark roast after dinner as you ease into the night with friends.  You might enjoy a couple cups of medium roast in the morning and then take your afternoon bump with a light roast to keep you going into the evening.

With more coffee knowledge, you can easily choose the roast that best suits you and your event.