CoffeeFlour ® is a new culinary ingredient.

CoffeeFlour® ingredient logo and used by Caffe Ladro in baked goods

Caffe Ladro’s Creative Baker and Coffee Educators recently visited the CoffeeFlour ® Lab where Chef and Company Creative Director, Jason Wilson, made them everything from fettuccini and vinaigrette to olive oil coffee cakes made from CoffeeFlour ®! Our staff learned about the process of making the flour.

How is it made?  Producers take the pulp of the coffee cherry, dry it, and mill it to make a powder.  This powder is packed with nutrition and is a gluten-free alternative.  When used in baked goods, it acts much like cocoa powder in recipes, though with floral, fruity, and earthy flavors. Our staff also learned about the social and economic benefits of making a coffee by-product useful and paying the farmers for it.  This sustainable, eco-friendly product has  even caught the attention of the people at TED.

When Caffe Ladro’s Creative Baker, Carley Rose, learned about the product, she quickly contacted the CoffeeFlour ® Lab.  With product samples, she created recipes that excited us!  Caffe Ladro is the first Coffee Bar and Bakery in the Pacific Northwest to offer baked goods using this new global impact food.  In December 2015, we offered a Peppermint Mocha Cookie with CoffeeFlour®–repeatedly sold out at stores.  In January 2016, we’re offering a Mocha Crinkle Cookie and vegan Caramel Pecan Popcorn with CoffeeFlour ® as an ingredient in each.

Coffee Flour Goodies

CoffeeFlour ® nutrition information:

3x more iron per gram than fresh spinach

5x more fiber per gram than whole grain wheat flour

84% less fat and 42% more fiber per gram than coconut flour

38% more antioxidants per gram than a pomegranate

3x more protein per gram than fresh kale

2x more potassium per gram than a banana

Chefs and bakers are using CoffeeFlour ® in both sweet and savory recipes to enhance flavors, thicken sauces, and offer gluten-free options to customers.

With production in Hawaii, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Vietnam, this Seattle company is improving coffee environments.  The company turns what would be discarded by coffee farmers into revenue.  Though 10-15% of coffee cherry pulp is used to fertilize crops, the rest would go to waste and could end up as bio pollution in water sources. The company is also giving the CoffeeFlour ® product to the members of the communities where it is produced and sharing ways they can enhance the nutrition of their foods with the product.  We love companies that give back and look to improve sustainability!