If you have a small kitchen or your favorite college student is packing to move to a dorm or apartment, we have the perfect small kitchen and college coffee gear to make things easy.  Actually, we have a few ideas to help people brew quality coffee in dorm rooms or small kitchens (and we have the quality coffee, too).

Small Kitchen with Ladro mug, waffle iron and Clever Dripper


College Coffee Gear

The Aeropress Brewer is an easy one cup brewing system that gets you coffee in under five minutes–including clean-up.  If students has this brewer, coffee, filters and a kettle to heat water, they are set. The Aeropress Brewer’s best features include:

  • Reasonable price–$29.99
  • Quick brew time
  • Light-weight design
  • Small profile is easy to pack

aeropress brewer


The Clever Dripper is a light-weight immersion brewer that lets the owner brew coffee or tea using the pour-over method.  The owner needs coffee, filters and access to hot water. The Clever Dripper’s assets include:

  • Reasonable price–$22.00
  • Light-weight design
  • Brews coffee or loose-leaf teas

Clever Dripper Brewer


The BonaVita Immersion Brewer is a ceramic brewer that uses the pour-over method to brew coffee or tea.  When using this brewer, your student needs coffee, filters and hot water.  The Bonavita Immersion Brewer’s best attributes include:

  • Reasonable price–$39.99
  • Ceramic design holds heat while brewing
  • Brews up to 16oz at a time

BonaVita Immersion Brewer


Before you make your decision, maybe our brewing guide  will help you decide which method is the best match for your student. Another resource that might help you make your decision can be found in this quick brewing method article from Seattle Met Magazine.

Maybe your student likes to take coffee to-go; we have a variety of to-go mugs that keep hot coffee hot and cold coffee cold. Send him/her off with a travel tumbler and a coffee card. Maybe you want to send an e-certificate so he/she can choose the college coffee gear he/she wants or needs.

For information on the best coffee shops near college campuses, we recommend you read this piece from Travel & Leisure.

The Huffington Post shares a humorous piece in: 11 Reasons Why College Students Absolutely Need Coffee to Survive.