Espresso Chip Cake

We know some of you were missing our Espresso Chip Cake so we wanted to let you know it is back in the stores.

Sometimes customers ask, “What desserts pair best with coffee?” Maybe they are hosting a brunch or maybe they have planning their dessert after a lovely dinner with friends.  Whatever the situation, we all have our favorite treats and favorite pastry/coffee match-ups.  In the morning, I’ll take any of our scones, but our warm Bacon Beecher’s Cheese Scone lures me most often with its savory cheesiness. The richness of our scones pairs nicely with a micro-lot drip or a non-fat latte.  In the afternoon, I’m a sucker for our Vegan Oat Bar, which I pair with everything. After dinner, I like a darker roast or our decaf with a bite of a cookie.

Chocolate is, perhaps, the favorite compliment to coffee.  The flavors of coffee and chocolate enhance one another.  Imagine them like a great comedy team or seasoned duet partners.

At our cafes, we have many chocolate options.

  • Salted-Caramel Brownies, which are a little bit of fudge-like heaven.
  • Jack’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie (has nuts), which are great for kids and the kid in you.
  • Vegan Raspberry Brownie Bites (non-gluten, baked in a gluten bakery) for a little chocolate and a little fruit.
  • Chocolate Croissant for when you want to indulge.
  • Chocolate Orange Bread when you want all the richness of chocolate
  • Cappuccino Muffin with espresso infused cream cheese and a dusting of organic vanilla powder.
  • Espresso Chip Cake made of espresso, chocolate chips and a rich pound cake batter.
  • Medici—Our Signature Mocha with orange zest.

Espresso Chip Cake and Caffe Ladro's Medici, a mocha with orange zest.Our Espresso Chip Cake and our Medici received a nice feature when Rachel Ray visited Seattle for $40 a Day.  Please note-we make our Mochas a little light on the chocolate so the richness of the coffee shines, but if you prefer more chocolate, just let us know.  You can have a piece of Espresso Chip Cake while visiting a cafe or order a whole cake from our online bakery if you’re planning a gathering.  Your guests will rave!