Ladro Profiles Dismas Smith

Head Roaster, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

Dismas and the Probat Roaster

2002 North American Barista Champion (6th in the world), Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, husband, father and all-around happy guy, Dismas Smith manages the Roastery for Ladro Roasting. Mondays at the Roastery typically begin with a coffee cupping and a meeting with Caffe Ladro and Ladro Roasting sales and operations staff planning the coffees and the week ahead. Having this coffee industry celebrity pull your shot to start the week is always a treat.

Head Roaster Dismas Smith carrying bag of green coffee.

Dismas’ first coffee job was on the Microsoft campus running one of its coffee stands.  He joined Zoka Coffee Roaster in 1999 and started roasting in 2001, through a six month apprenticeship. When he was done, he became the Head Roaster at Zoka. Not long after, he partnered in the Hotwire On-line Coffee Shop and started a roasting company, Borogove.  Following, he ran Stickman Coffee and when the economy went south, he consulted, trained and roasted for a variety of coffee shops in the Seattle area. In 2011, Jack Kelly called, saying he wanted to overhaul his coffee education program and begin roasting. Dismas joined the Ladro Roasting team and worked with Jack to develop the blends and roast profiles the brand showcases today.

An active member of the local coffee community, you will find Dismas at specialty coffee shops in Seattle. He enjoys sampling the work of his peers and sharing coffee knowledge with the baristas he meets. You will also see Dismas at latte art throw-downs, SCAA conferences or Coffee-Fest events.

With his wife, daughter and three sons, Dismas lives north of Seattle.  He is an excellent salsa maker, a legendary laugher and a runner around Green Lake. If you spend any time with him you will discover he is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and he adores his kitties.