Ladro Profiles Dustin Thomas, Coffee Roaster

Ladro Profiles Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting Coffee Roaster Dustin Thomas pouring a chemex at SCAA

Ladro profiles coffee roaster, Dustin Thomas. We asked a few questions about coffee and his life so you could get to know more about the one of the people behind the brews you enjoy.

Dustin, how did you come to coffee and Ladro?

“When I was younger my dad had a siphon coffee brewer that he would use every now and then, and it looked so awesome to me that it made me want to learn more about coffee. Fast forward a few years–I moved to Seattle and was looking for a job. My sister-in- law told me about Caffe Ladro as she had worked there before. I had never worked any coffee job before but had always wanted to, so I applied to the Lynnwood location as a barista. I was hired the next day! From then on, with lots of training and learning, I worked my way into the Educator position at Edmonds, then Capitol Hill. After that I was given the opportunity to work at the roasting warehouse and become a roaster!”

What is the best part of your job?

“Oh man, that’s a tough question. There are honestly too many things to choose one, but I will. Working in the specialty coffee industry full of great people, when I enjoy coffee and being around good people, certainly makes it easy to love my job. I think the best part is how young the specialty coffee industry is. There is so much to learn. Working with and around other people who want to learn and explore coffee as much as I do, makes it so much fun. Always experimenting, always trying to improve, and always learning at Ladro.”

What inspires you?

“Simply put, the specialty coffee industry itself. There are so many hard working people in the industry who inspire me.  I want to know what they know, and work as hard as they work. Work is never easy, but it can seem that way when it is fun. Seeing all the awesome people in the coffee industry that I meet work hard and love what they do is really inspiring.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“I am 23-years- old and have been working in coffee for about 2 years, all with Ladro. I grew up mainly in Colorado, but fell in love with Seattle when I moved here. I am engaged and am excited to marry my beautiful fiancé, Sierra, in May. Any day of the week you can find me at work, at a coffee shop, or watching and playing sports!”

Ladro Profiles Coffee Roaster Dustin Thomas


Dustin recently attended a Roaster’s Guild Retreat where he joined other coffee roasters from around the world to learn more about making you the best coffee he can. He also still competes in latte art throw-downs held in the region and his art consistently places him at or near the top.