Ladro Profiles Matthew Carruthers

Matthew brewing

Caffe Ladro’s Director of Education, Matthew Carruthers, started in the coffee industry when he was 12-years-old. He worked at a coffee roaster weighing and bagging coffee by hand.  At home, he made espresso for his family to enjoy. He started using Costco coffee beans and kept trying to find better and better coffees. When working at the roaster, his home coffee making hobby used five pounds each week.  He brewed a thermos full of coffee in the morning and took it to school to share with friends.

In order to get more involved with specialty coffee, Matthew worked with an area coffee program when he was 17. By then he was pulling shots at home on a LaMarzocco GS3. When he left his first barista job, he applied at Caffe Ladro and began working at our Kirkland store in 2012. He chose to apply with Ladro because of the type of support the baristas receive from the managers and the company.

Matthew loves working the bar and making drinks for people.  He believes, “The job of a barista is to give the customer what they want, not just what they ask for.” Treating every customer individually and making a connection is his goal. Helping other baristas on bar and having a “killer bar shift” makes the job fun for Matthew.

Now that he isn’t on the bar every morning, he encourages the passion and drive to learn and develop knowledge and skills in our Ladro baristas.  He supervises the training of all the cafe educators and works with all new baristas to educate them about coffee, roasting, drink recipes, latte art and customer service.  Though the technical aspects of coffee making can be intimidating, he helps translate the dial in process in an open way.  He never wants an educator or barista to feel too intimidated by the process or the chemistry to ask a question. A recent highlight of his work was seeing 16 dedicated baristas at the latest Latte Art Throw-Down.

Matthew baristas

Aside from working, Matthew’s interests include: cars, drinks of all kinds, and exploring local markets with his girlfriend for fresh ingredients to make the day’s meal.

Matthew & fiance