Coffee and books are such a great pair, we decided to begin a Ladro Virtual Book Club.

Each month, we’ll share a well reviewed  book. Though we won’t be hosting events at stores, we’re hoping you might spy other readers at our cafes and have the chance to make new connections. We hope you enjoy Ladro Virtual Book Club.

Our pick for this month is Lab Girl.

If you haven’t encountered Lab Girl by Hope Jahren, it is currently number six in nonfiction on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

Ladro Virtual Book Club with Hope Jahren's book Lab Girl

Amazon describes Lab Girl as, “An illuminating debut memoir of a woman in science; a moving portrait of a longtime friendship; and a stunningly fresh look at plants that will forever change how you see the natural world.

Acclaimed scientist Hope Jahren has built three laboratories to study trees, flowers, seeds, and soil. Her first book is a revelatory treatise on plant life—but it is also so much more.

Lab Girl
is a book about work, love, and the mountains that can be moved when those two things come together. Told through Jahren’s remarkable stories about her childhood in rural Minnesota with an uncompromising mother and a father who encouraged hours of play in his classroom’s labs; she found a sanctuary in science, and learned to perform lab work done “with both the heart and the hands”; and about the inevitable disappointments, but also the triumphs and exhilarating discoveries, of scientific work.”

The book is also a “sneaky textbook” in which Jahren shares chapters about seeds, plants and trees using common language to explain complex scientific processes.

Ladro Virtual Book Club features Hope Jahren's Lab Girl for May 2016

Hope Jahren at Town Hall Seattle on April 13, 2016.

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Happy reading!


November Update–Lab Girl is receiving more praise. From the Washington Post it is one of the best biographies of the year. From Amazon it is the Editor’s Pick for best Biography or Memoir of 2016.