Micro-lot coffees are special. Just as wines differ by region and variety, Micro-lot coffees are derived from specific bean varietals, carefully picked at one farm, and processed in separate lots. That coffee is then carefully processed and roasted to bring out the flavors inherent in the bean because of where it is grown and the weather of the growing season.  This January, Caffe Ladro offers three Micro-lot coffees for customers to enjoy.

Ortiz Bienvenidos sign
Micro-lot Granitos de Altura del Ortiz

Granitos de Altura del Ortiz is a Costa Rican coffee that comes from the El Ortiz farm in the Tarrazu region.  El Ortiz is owned by Omar Calderon whose success in coffee brings his beans consistently high scores. In 2011, he won the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence.  After receiving the COE, Calderon used the monetary prize to build a micro-mill (Granitos de Altura Beneficio), to process coffee and thus have full control the farm’s product.  With his four daughters, Calderon grows and mills coffees that specialty coffee companies seek for their quality.  Joana Colderon, capably manages the mill for the family.

Ortiz1-350x420pxWe offer the Granitos de Altura del Ortiz Micro-lot in a light roast.  The bean varietal is a Catuai that is fully washed and dried on patios.  This coffee has notes of Granny Smith apple and vanilla.


Micro-lot Malacara B Yellow Bourbon & Micro-lot Malacara B Orange Bourbon

Malacara B is a 4th generation coffee farm in El Salvador.  It is one of three farms run by a family corporation–Chantuc.  Malacara B is owned and operated by father and son team, Rodrigo and Roberto Dumont.  Since 1888, members of the Alvarez family have planted and harvested coffee in the Santa Ana Volcano area. 2011 marked a successful year for Malacara B as the farm won both the Presidential Award and the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador.  YellowBourbon-350x420pxThis family has many varietals of coffee and we are proud to offer a Micro-lot of Yellow Bourbon and a Micro-lot of Orange Bourbon to our customers.  These coffee varietals grow in fields next to one another and though they experience the same precipitation and temperature, offer surprisingly different palate experiences.  We hope you will compare them.  We know you will enjoy them!OrangeBourbon-350x420px


Malacara B grows diverse crops such as avocado, prunes, raspberries and peaches, which they sell at local markets and which provide employment to workers throughout the year.  On Malacara B we find a clinic, a school and a soccer field for employees and their families to use and enjoy.  The farm employs 20 people annually and as many as 100 during peak harvest times.