Letter to Caffe Ladro Online Coffee Customers


Dear Online Caffe Ladro Customer,

We would like to share with you our reasons for our coffee price increase. In order to ensure competitive wages for our staff and fair coffee prices for our farmers, we are increasing our online coffee prices. We will continue to guarantee you stellar customer service by keeping our staff available to you via phone or email for any questions or order issues you may encounter. We will continue to offer shipping and merchandise specials while ensuring incredible freshness and quality for you every order.

Caffe Ladro Ladro Roasting Kenya Gatugi Online Coffee Order Option

We take the sustainability of our products to heart and value the trust you put in us every time you place an order, since we know your coffee orders translate to real dollars from your bank account. Thank you for your orders and your loyalty over the years.

The Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting Family