Six Rules for Making Great Coffee

1. Buy freshly roasted, whole bean coffee.
2. Grind your coffee just before brewing.
3. If you’re a coffee geek, use your scale to weigh the coffee and water. (Our ratios for different brewing methods here.)
4. If you’re not a coffee geek, we recommend this ratio: 2 tbsp to 6 oz water.
5. Brew at 200 degrees.
6. Enjoy!

Ladro black coffee in a cup and rules for making great coffee

That is it. Making great coffee is easy and fun. Certainly, as in any craft or hobby, you can spend time every day or week perfecting your brewing. Please note consistency is key to enjoying a quality cup each time you brew. Using the Caffe Ladro Home Brewing Guide can help you explore different brewing methods with easy success. This can be just the beginning of your adventures in brewing. Trying different blends can lead to easy success. Roasters carefully create blends that showcase the best the coffees in the blend have to offer.


Trying single origin or micro-lot coffees asks you to learn about how roasting impacts flavor, what flavors are typical in coffee varietals from different regions. African coffees don’t taste the same as Costa Rican coffees. Many coffee roasters, Ladro Roasting included, share “taste notes” on our packaging to guide consumers while they shop coffees. Those taste notes are flavors that occur naturally in the coffee beans because of the soil in which they grew, the sun in which they ripened, and the processing method used during milling. Come along on our coffee origin travels by trying micro-lot coffees we select from farms we visit during each coffee growing season. We do our best to share the stories of the coffees in our blog and online store. If you ever have questions about our blends or micro-lot coffees, please ask. We love to talk coffee!