Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew (Yields 2 quarts)

6oz (1/2 bag) of Queen Anne or other coffee
36oz (4.5 cups) Water at Room Temperature
2-Quart Pitcher (x2)
Cheesecloth or Sieve

  • Grind coffee beans for a French press (very coarse)
  • Add grounds to first pitcher
  • Add 36oz of cold water and stir
  • Let mixture rest at room temperature for 18-24 hours
  • Strain coffee mixture through cheesecloth into second pitcher
  • Dilute with water to fill the 2-quart pitcher
  • Serve with ice and enjoy!

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Chemex (Yields 20oz)

7 Tbls (47g) Freshly Ground Coffee
24oz (700g) Water just off boil
4-5 Minute Brewing Time

  • Wet filter
  • 3oz (90g) Bloom
  • Add 7oz (210g) of water by 2:30 minutes
  • Add 14oz (400g) of water by 3:30 minutes
Clever Dripper (Yields 12oz)

4 Tbls (25g) Freshly Ground Coffee
14oz (400g) Water just off boil
3 Minute Brewing Time

  • Wet filter
  • Drain rinse water from Clever Dripper
  • Add enough water to get all the coffee wet, about 3oz (85g)
  • At 30 seconds, place Clever Dripper on cup/mug and add the remaining 11oz (315g) of water
  • Remove Clever Dripper from cup/mug
AeroPress (Yields 8oz)

1 level AeroPress scoop (16g) Freshly Ground Coffee
9oz (250g) Water just off boil
2 Minute Brewing Time

  • Wet filter
  • Add enough water to wet all of the coffee, about 2oz (50g)
  • Stir 5-6 times
  • At 30 seconds, add the remaining water, about 7oz (200g)
  • Cap AeroPress with filter
  • At 2 minutes, press plunger until all the coffee is out