Wholesale Coffee Director

Scott Baldwin Wholesale coffee director making aeropress coffee for Caffe Ladro Ladro RoastingWe sat down with Scott Baldwin to gather a profile of his work history and life.  He kindly answered a few questions for us.

How did I come to coffee?

As a warehouse manager for a local coffee syrup company, and was exposed to Seattle coffee roasters while making deliveries. At that time, my favorite drinks were flavored and full of sugar.  When encouraged to try espresso and lattes without flavoring, I noticed the health benefits of leaving out sugar. After drinking coffee at local roasters, I found the coffees all tasted different.  I wondered. . .

Where does coffee come from, and why does it taste the way that it does?

How does making it via espresso, or drip change the profiles?

Then I took a job working for a coffee roaster in the southeast, and learned even more.

What brought you to Caffe Ladro?

I always search for great coffee to start and prolong the day.  Caffe Ladro happened to have a cafe in every one of the neighborhoods where I delivered.  I knew what I was getting every time, and there was no sense of snobbery.  The customer service was great and the coffee was a breath of fresh air. When Caffe Ladro Founder, Jack Kelly, wanted to begin a wholesale program, he reached out to me and I became the Wholesale Coffee Director at Caffe Ladro.

What is the best part of your job?

I have two favorite things about my job. I absolutely love being surrounded by highly passionate coffee professionals striving to be better.  Caffe Ladro people actively put in the work to get answers and create experiences that no other coffee company is currently providing.

My day isn’t complete without customers, contacts, and thoughts of future customers. Befriending, and making our customers lives less stressful really keeps me moving throughout the day.  Every person I speak to inspires me to be better. Their insights on business help me understand how to successfully, accurately, and quickly support them in the best way possible.

What inspires you?Scott Baldwin Wholesale Coffee Director Caffe Ladro Ladro Roasting relaxing

After working in the coffee industry for over 13 years, and as Wholesale Coffee Director at Caffe Ladro for the last few, inspiration is abundant.

  • Coffee farmers put in such effort to harvest a product that they may not be able to ever taste or enjoy.
  • Plantation owners create jobs in their countries and helping families continue to live in their own towns and cities, and also help to build hospitals and schools on their properties.
  • Owners and roasters encourage coffee farmers to grow better coffee and pay more for their product to encourage long relationships.
  • Constant cupping of coffees encourages better quality control and consistency.
  • Baristas who are passionate about each shot that they pull, and who provide the best experience for the customer follows through from farm to  cup.

What are you willing to share about your personal life?

I grew up always asking the question “why?” and wanting to figure out how things work, or why something is the way that it is.  In my free time, I enjoy making wine at home. When I’m not working, I spend time cooking,  play highly competitive soccer, and take long runs through the city. And I am always looking forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning.