About Caffe Ladro

About Caffe Ladro

What is Caffe Ladro? Now a Seattle coffee institution, Caffe Ladro opened our first location on Upper Queen Anne in 1994. People ask about the company name origin. Caffe Ladro is Italian for coffee thief. When we opened up right next to Starbucks, we intended to pinch their customers with the best Seattle coffee and staff we could find.

Ladro and the Seattle Coffee Scene

From the intimate vibe of that single café and bakery, we grew to 16 locations in and around Seattle. Each Caffe Ladro maintains our superb Seattle coffee, signature friendly atmosphere, and freshly baked goods.

Roasting Coffee

Ladro has always valued sustainably and ethically produced coffee. In 2000, we were the largest chain in the country serving only Fair Trade coffee in our cafes. Later, in 2011, we launched Ladro Roasting. That division of the company sources green coffees through relationships with coffee farmers and millers. Then it also roasts all the coffee it purchases at our Seattle coffee roastery. Our cupping lab and training program ensure customers always receive perfection.

Coffee Offerings

We offer a range of coffee blends and seasonally changing micro lot coffees at our cafés and for our wholesale partners.

Order Coffee Online

We happily ship coffee all over the country and world through our online store. We ship freshly roasted coffee all over the USA. You can even put your coffee delivery on auto-ship. We’re profoundly dedicated to serving our customers and community.

Nice coffee place. Stop by a lot when we are walking by the neighborhood. Nice sitting outside on a nice day. Service is always quick. Never tried the drive through, but it’s a nice place to sit if you have some time to spend.

Chris Maguire, Edmonds Caffe Ladro

Surprisingly quiet place in the middle of a busy downtown area. Definitely awesome coffee, good customer service, pastry was very good too. Good amount of places to sit and enjoy yourself. Definitely recommend! Cool location too, right next to an art gallery.

Vanessa Mitchell, Union Street Caffe Ladro