Father’s Day Gift Bundles

Pick the perfect coffee for dad

If there’s one thing that dad loves more than taking a nap it’s getting up to a good cup of coffee in the morning. Give dad two 12 oz bags of delicious, fresh roasted coffee and a sturdy diner mug to drink it. It’s not his favorite, “World’s Okayest Dad” mug, but we think he’ll love it.


Ladro Blend

Our flagship Ladro Blend designed for brewing balanced, sweet espresso and great for big-bodied drip. Order Seattle coffee to enjoy at home or at the office.

Taste Notes: Creamy Chocolate, Dark Cherry, and Caramel

Choose a grind size – Ladro Blend


Diablo Blend

Ladro’s renowned dark roast, incorporating coffees with naturally large body and sweetness. Order Seattle coffee online to enjoy at home or at the office.

Taste Notes: Walnut, Brown Sugar, and Baker’s Chocolate

Choose a grind size – Diablo Blend


Decaf Blend

A seasonal blend of water process decaffeinated coffee from various growing regions.

Taste Notes: Roasted Hazelnut, Grapefruit, and Dark Chocolate

Choose a grind size – Decaf