Kirkland Urban

Map Looking for Kirkland Urban coffee? Our friendly staff will make Kirkland Urban Caffe Ladro your favorite café near you. This is the 17th cafe for the chain that started in 1994. Each cafe is [...]

Bellevue Caffe Ladro

At Bellevue Caffe Ladro, you’ll find excellent coffee, speedy service, and fresh-baked pastries. This café is located in the Amazon (Bingo) building. Come in to grab a coffee on the way to work, [...]

Kirkland Caffe Ladro

Caffe Ladro, located in downtown Kirkland, Washington, is a sweet little shop full of personality! With a chalk board bar and views out the front window, you will enjoy your time here. When you [...]

Bothell Caffe Ladro

Bothell Caffe Ladro is located on Hwy 527, across from the Anderson School. This café has ample indoor and outdoor seating as well as a drive-thru. Tables and cozy seating make this a great space [...]