Look delicious?

You can order pastries for catering and office events too.

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Good atmosphere for studying or chatting with friends. I strongly recommend the cold brew and their quiche.

Seth Klotz, Capitol Hill Caffe Ladro

My absolute favorite coffee place with superb coffee drinks & baked goods. It’s quiet, comfortable, and a pleasant place to relax and enjoy drinks with friends. They also have a good, basic drink card system.

Lloyd Martin, Lynnwood Caffe Ladro


Espresso10 cal$2.70
Macchiato15 cal$3.05
Cappuccino90-140 cal$3.65+
Americano10 cal$3.05+
Latte110-220 cal$3.65+
Mocha160-330 cal$4.25+
Brewed Coffee10 cal$2.30
Medici160-330 cal$4.45+
Gibraltar80 cal$3.00
Shakerato26 cal$3.00
Hot Chocolate190-360 cal$2.05+
Chai Tea130-270 cal$3.25+
Hot Tea0 cal$3.40
Iced Tea0 cal $2.85+
Frozen Latte669-1371 cal $4.45+
Frozen Vanilla Latte694-1421 cal $4.60+
Frozen Mocha699-1431 cal $4.80+
Frozen White Chocolate Mocha696-1426 cal $4.80+
Frozen Caramel Latte696-1426 cal$4.80+
Frozen Treat (non-coffee)724-1441 cal $3.85+

Bakery Items

 Almond Biscotti 246 cal$1.65
 Almond Cranberry Cake
(no gluten ingredients)
 644 cal$3.90
 Almond Croissant 436 cal$3.85
 Apple Galette 606 cal$4.15
 Bacon & Caramelized Onion Quiche 886 cal$5.40