Best Gifts for a Home Barista

Gifts for a Home Barista

Gifts for home baristas and coffee connoisseurs from Caffe LadroIf you are looking for gifts for your favorite home barista, we have some great options. We just need you to ask yourself a few questions.

For how many people does your home barista brew coffee?

If he/she brews for one, we think the Aeropress Brewer or the Bonavita Immersion Dripper are both terrific options.

If he/she brews coffee for two or three, the Chemex Brewer is excellent. If he/she has a pour-over method, perhaps a new kettle would enhance their brewing experience.

If you’d like to learn more about home brewing, we offer an easy guide for a variety of coffee brewing methods and a clear guide for the perfect grind for each  method.

What roast profile does your home barista prefer?

Does your coffee connoisseur like light roast? If so, any of our micro-lots, our El Salvador Gesha, and our Queen Anne Blend would suit him/her.

Does he/she enjoy a medium roast? Then you want to order our Fremont Blend or Ladro Espresso Blend.

Is he/she a dark roast lover? Then your order should include Diablo Blend, or our holiday coffee, Fireside Blend.

What brewing methods does your coffee connoisseur use already?

If your home barista has an espresso brewer, we obviously recommend our Ladro Espresso Blend. Some people like a darker roast for espresso, in that case, our Diablo Blend makes an espresso that pleases that type of palette.

If coffee connoisseur has a pour-over brewer already, perhaps he/she would enjoy trying a single-cup-brewer like the I-Fill. This brewer offers all the convenience and more quality than you might expect from a single-cup-brewer when paired with Ladro Cups.

If  he/she has a single-cup-brewer already, perhaps the gift of Ladro Cups. They contain Diablo Blend freshly roasted, and perfectly dosed in single-use compostable and recyclable pods.

What should you do if you don’t know what they have or want?

Send an online gift certificate and let your home barista choose from all the items at our online store.

If he/she lives in Seattle, you can send a coffee card they can use for in-store purchases.

If you know someone who loves coffee, but doesn’t view it as a hobby, we have a simple gift guide to help you find what he/she might like.





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