Ladro Number 16 Ravenna

Ladro Number 16 (Ravenna) Open

Bringing Specialty Coffee to Another Seattle Neighborhood

Ravenna Caffe Ladro exteriorOn May 1st Caffe Ladro opens a 16th location at the NE 65th Street and Brooklyn Avenue in the Ravenna neighborhood. Mango color Adirondack chairs signal welcome on approach. With a sleek design including cement tile and walnut cabinets, the space is both enticing and warm.

In a neighborhood bustling with retail, residents and students, Ravenna Ladro offers coffees, teas and treats, as well as breakfast and lunch options. Visitors will find this location friendly for work or social time because interior boasts soft and table seating, and ample chairs and benches await for sipping outside. The espresso bar runs on a three group La Marzocco Linnea PB and Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinders. Ladro is a strong player in the Seattle specialty coffee scene. The company sources coffees through both a relationship coffee buying model and direct trade. It roasts all its coffees at its Queen Anne facility. By incorporating coffee origin information, roasting knowledge, and coffee preparation best practices into barista training, Ladro doses out amazing coffees and signature drinks. As with all Ladro cafes, the delightful baked goods are made in-house.

This cafe caught the attention of a UW Daily reporter, too. We hope that when you find yourself looking for Ravenna coffee, you visit Ladro in the Brookly 65 building. Eater Seattle can help you locate this Ravenna nieghborhood spot, and Hoodline shares information, too.

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