What does Coffee Good mean to Ladro?

Coffee Good

Coffee Good tagline

What do we mean by COFFEE GOOD?

To us, it is short-hand for the many connections we make through COFFEE with customers, staff, family, farmers, and buyers.

All of these people help make our world GOOD.

Ladro strives to make you feel this GOOD by roasting and serving COFFEE with profound care.


Part of what makes coffee good is paying fair prices. A paramount element that contributes to quality is the care farmers and millers put into growing, harvesting and processing the beans. When we roast and brew those beans, we do so with pride and with  attention to our craft. Each drink is pulled or brewed with our customers in mind, and with the knowledge of all the hands that have done work to bring those beans into our care. When we brew or donate coffee for you, we’re doing it with the desire to build a community. We want Caffe Ladro and the people you meet there to make your day good each time you visit.


We invite you to ponder. . .

What makes COFFEE GOOD to you?

Please share your thoughts and perspectives in the comments, or on social media! @ladroroasting #coffeegood

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