Compostable Straws are Our Future

Compostable Straws are Our Future

The Seattle ban on plastic straws goes into effect on July 1, 2018. Will drinks ever be the same? Same but different. Better, even. Replacing plastic straws with compostable straws takes another step towards reducing waste. Every small reduction helps. We hope this will be relatively painless for our customers as we add compostable straws to our café locations.

Caffe Ladro is proud to participate in removing plastic straws from our locations. We’ll be replacing the plastic with compostable PLA straws. PLA is a plant-based plastic made from renewable resources.

Please note that the compostable PLA straws will dissolve rather quickly in hot coffee and we DO NOT recommend using them for that purpose. Instead, enjoy sipping your hot beverages from our Viora lids or—better yet—your own mug or travel mug (25 cent discount when you bring your own cup)!

Caffe Ladro Seattle locations will be compliant with the Seattle law by July 1, 2018, when the ban on plastic straws goes into effect. Our locations outside the Seattle city limits will use up their remaining stock of plastic straws, then move to compostable plastic ones with the Seattle locations. We anticipate that all plastic straws will be completely gone from all Caffe Ladro locations no later than the end of 2018.

Ladro compostable straws with a coffee plantCaffe Ladro believes in limiting our company’s environmental impact. At all of our locations, you’ll find:

  • Recyclable to-go cups
  • Compostable to-go Boxes
  • Real (not plastic) silverware for use during your café stay
  • Compost and recycle bins
  • A 25 cent discount on your drink when you bring your own cup

Adding compostable straws to this list at all our locations is the natural next step in a process we hope to continue as a company. Please join us in celebrating this small step Seattle has chosen to make as a city. Let’s do this! #bettertogether

Here’s what happens to a compostable straw in hot coffee:

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