How to Make a Shakerato

Shakerato: Coffee and Simple Syrup shaken over ice

Shakerato is espresso with sugar shaken over ice we share a recipe to make it with ladro cold brew coffeeSummer weather says to me: Time to order a Shakerato. Most of the year, I forget this drink exists. (I shouldn’t. It’s equally good in the middle of winter when the heater makes the room a bit too stuffy and I need to remember that one day soon the windows and doors will open and the sun will stream in.) But the moment the weather in Seattle approaches 70 degrees, I start dreaming about Shakeratos.

This drink is a summer vacation in a glass. Maybe you can’t take a week off work and skip down to Hawaii, but you can certainly close your eyes for a moment and take a Thought Vacation. Espresso and raw sugar melt together, then are shaken so vigorously with ice that the drink froths up without any milk required. It’s a sweet, cold shock to the pallet—welcome, when the thermometer creeps higher every time you look or when you need a little afternoon refreshment.

This drink is so spectacular, it’s high time we (ahem) spilled the beans. We’ve adjusted the recipe below to use cold brew coffee and simple syrup, since espresso is not easy for everyone to acquire at home. And honestly, cold brew makes life better. If you don’t want to wait to make cold brew at home, you can keep Ladro bottled cold brew on hand.

Plus, it looks very impressive in the cup. Shaking over ice elevates this drink to heights achieved only in specialty coffee shops and trendy cocktail spots. Set yourself up with the ingredients at your next party and wow your friends with both your barista prowess and fine taste in libations.

Shakerato Recipe

1 serving

Shakerato is a frothy coffee drink made by shaking ingredients over ice

Pour 4oz Cold brew into a metal shaker base.

Add 3/4oz simple syrup to shaker base and swirl.

Fill a pint glass full but not overflowing with ice.

Pour contents of glass into metal shake base.

Fit glass into metal shaker base and flip shaker assembly over. Make sure one side of the glass is flush with the metal shaker so it doesn’t leak.

Shake vigorously 20-30 times. Make sure glass is on bottom.

Use the counter to separate to the glass from the metal base. Contents should be in the metal shaker.

Place bar strainer over shaker.

Pour into Gibraltar glass so guests can see the froth and the drink. Serve immediately, with panache.

If you’re so devoted to coffee that you have your own espresso machine, just swap the cold brew for a lungo of espresso and the simple syrup for 2 packets of raw sugar, then follow instructions above.

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