Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe used for iced coffeeWith summer almost here, we wanted to share our favorite cold brew coffee recipe so you could make it at home.  If you’ve never tried cold brew coffee before, you will find it smooth.  The hardest part about making any cold brew coffee recipe is waiting for it to brew.  We really enjoy cold brew made with Ladro Espresso, but you can make it with any blend that you prefer, including Decaf.  Choosing a coffee blend for your first cold brewing adventure is a great place to start. Your first batch of cold brew coffee with have all the flavors you’ve come to love in your morning cup.

As you continue to enjoy cold brew coffee, you might try cold brewing with micro-lot coffees. Micro-lot cold brew is incredible because the brewing process intensifies the fruit and floral notes in a way that heat brewing coffee cannot.  When cold brewing micro-lot coffees, you will definitely experience the flavors outlined in the coffee tasting notes. Experimenting with different roast profiles and coffees from different regions will help you find your perfect cold brew.


Shop - Ladro 12oz bag Espresso blendCold Brew Coffee Recipe

6 oz coffee, ground coarsely (we like our Ladro Espresso Blend for cold brew)

36 oz water (4 ½ cups)

2 quart pitcher (you will need 2 pitchers, one for brewing and one to pour into when straining)

  • Coarsely grind coffee and place it in your pitcher
  • Add cold or room temperature water and stir
  • Let mixture rest covered at room temperature for 18-24 hours
  • Strain coffee into additional pitcher using a fine sieve and/or cheese cloth
  • Dilute with 4 cups cold water or use as a concentrate and add water, milk, or club soda in a 50/50 ratio.

We hope you try the Caffe Ladro cold brew coffee recipe.  For a summer sweet treat, add a drizzle or a shot of your cold brew concentrate to ice cream to make an Affogato (typically ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over). We’re partial to our Shakerato for summertime or for a nice little afternoon pick-me up. Pinterest offers countless recipes for coffee drinks.

A Seattle local, Kare, over at offers her take on cold brew coffee using Ladro beans. We think you’ll enjoy her recipe, too!


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  • Cold brew

    I’ve started to do the following: make coffee the usual way with a French press.After 4 minutes, pour the brewed coffee into a cup (if drinking now) or a jar (for drinking later). Then, pour another cup or so of hot water over the grounds and let that sit for a while. Use the second pour for the ice cubes.

    • Ladro Roasting

      Frozen coffee cubes are a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • chris

    Hi, I’d like to try this recipe. Just a question, though, about the grind. When it says course grind, does it mean in the range of what we use for fench press or for pour over? I’ve come to learn that the grind can make an enormous difference in the flavour of the coffee. Let’s say on a 10 point scale with 2 being for espresso, and 8 for a French press, where would this grind roughly be?

    • Adreinne Kerrigan

      We have a blog post here to help guide you with coffee grinding. For cold brew, you’re looking for a grind that’s even coarser than French press; to use your scale, I’d say you want either a 9 or 10, if the French press grind is an 8. I hope this helps! Happy brewing.

  • mary

    I like this recipe! Thanks! Have you a french press? I want to buy it but I don’t now what to choose. I read a good information at the Help me, please

    • Ladro Roasting

      We are not selling any French Presses currently, but we can recommend a good one. Espro makes a great French press for three reasons: 1. It’s double wall stainless steel which is great for heat retention. 2.
      Since its stainless vs. glass there is no risk of shattering the carafe. and 3. It’s filter also filters out 9 times more sediment than any other presses on the market. Good luck on your search!

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