How to Make AeroPress Coffee

How to Make AeroPress Coffee

Inexpensive, fast, versatile, and great for traveling, the AeroPress brewer is one of our favorites.

The Basics

  • The AeroPress coffee maker is a single serving coffee brewer.
  • Aeropress brew complete and hand pressing coffee into Roxy pitcherIt brews a quality cup of coffee in as little as two minutes.
  • Aerobie’s small, light-weight design makes this brewer perfect for travelers and minimalists.


The Story

After years of designing sport toys, Alan Adler designed one of the best single cup coffee makers ever. Frustrated by the poor quality of the single cup he would try to brew with his drip brewer, Adler was inspired to solve that problem.

Adler’s brewer inspires baristas to create recipes for both the traditional brewing and an inversion brewing methods.  Regional and World AeroPress Barista competitions bring incredible creativity to the coffees the baristas showcase. We share our preferred recipe below.


Ladro AeroPress Recipe

To make a great cup of coffee, follow the easy steps below.

  1. Bring your water to a boil and set it aside for 30 seconds; allowing it to cool slightly
  2. Place a rinsed filter in the cap and twist into the chamber (rinsing the paper filters will  remove any sort of papery taste)
  3. Finely grind coffee and add 25 grams to the chamber
  4. Set your timer for 2 minutes and add hot water
  5. Once you’ve added 150 grams give it a few stirs using the plastic stirrer provided
  6. Add another 100 grams of water and give it a few more stirs
  7. Use the plunger to create a vacuum seal and let it brew for two minutes.
  8. At the two minute mark begin to press the coffee into your cup (pressing should take around 20 seconds)
  9. Add 80 grams of water to the brewed concentrate.
  10. Press the puck of used coffee into compost, give everything a quick rinse and enjoy your coffee

Aeropress with coffee and water and hand stirring contentsWe coffee geeks love this brewer!  Check out the AeroPress World Championships. You’ll find an endless list of recipes to play with, each one offering different taste profiles. If you’d like to buy one, we sell them at our retail locations and at our web store.  For the price, it is hard to find a better brewer.

How AeroPress Fans are Hacking Their Way to a Better Cup of Coffee from NPR.

For an in-depth interview with Alan Alder, please see this piece from Medium.

Learn more about the AeroPress Coffee brewer from the manufacturer. Learn more about Aerobie sport toys as well.

Explore for more coffee recipes and lessons from world champion aeropress competitors.

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