Espresso Chip Cake Recipe

Espresso Chip Cake

Espresso Chip Cake from Caffe Ladro and the recipeSometimes customers ask, “What desserts pair best with coffee?” Maybe they are hosting a brunch or maybe they have planning their dessert after a lovely dinner with friends.  Whatever the situation, we all have our favorite treats and favorite pastry/coffee match-ups.  In the morning, I’ll take any of our scones, but our warm Chili-Jack Scone lures me most often with its savory cheesiness. The richness of our scones pairs nicely with a micro-lot drip or a non-fat latte.  In the afternoon, I’m a sucker for our Vegan Oat Bar, which I pair with everything or our Espresso Chip Cake. After dinner, I like a darker roast or our decaf with a bite of a cookie.

Chocolate is, perhaps, the favorite compliment to coffee.  The flavors of coffee and chocolate enhance one another.  Imagine them like a great comedy team or seasoned duet partners. Our bakers work every day to provide fresh treats and pastries.

At our cafes, we have many chocolate options.

  • Salted-Caramel Brownies, which are a little bit of fudge-like heaven.
  • Jack’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie (has nuts), which are great for kids and the kid in you.
  • Chocolate Croissant for when you want to indulge.
  • Espresso Chip Cake made of espresso, chocolate chips and a rich pound cake batter.
  • Medici—Our Signature Mocha with orange zest.

Our Espresso Chip Cake and our Medici received a nice feature when Rachel Ray visited Seattle for $40 a Day.  Please note–we make our Mochas a little light on the chocolate so the richness of the coffee shines, but if you prefer more chocolate, just let us know.  You can have a piece of Espresso Chip Cake while visiting a cafe or order a whole cake from our online bakery if you’re planning a gathering.  Pair it with great coffee and your guests will rave!


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