Ladro Profiles Jack Kelly

Ladro Profiles

Jack Kelly, Founder, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

“If you don’t know perfect coffee, you don’t know Jack.”

Jack Kelly at coffee origin on a coffee buying trip for Caffe Ladro

We thought it was high-time we share Ladro Profiles and introduce the people who make your coffee. Back in the days when Ladro was one Upper Queen Anne store, if you watched Jack Kelly work the bar, you would think he was the son or the brother or the buddy of each person who came through the line.  He knew each customer’s usual. He checked in about how the trip or the game or the work deal went and about what the day or week had in store.  Being incredibly shallow, Kelly was excellent at the 2-minute relationship. His warmth and positive nature invited each customer to become part of the Ladro family.

Jack Kelly, Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting CEO

In the last 21 years, Kelly has grown his business into a Coffee Roaster, 15 cafes and a bakery.  He is still as passionate about coffee and customer service as he was when he opened his first store. You might see him visiting any of our locations. Though, he would like to be out golfing more. His partnership with CFO, Bob Ohly, permits Jack few days on the links.

Kelly lives in the Queen Anne neighborhood with his family.  They spend time each year in Australia with his in-laws.  When he is not cupping coffees at the Queen Anne Roaster, in the stores or on coffee buying trips, he is chasing his kids, enjoying the water, the snow, or the fairways in the Pacific Northwest. You can follow his coffee buying trips on our blog.  He posts pictures and anecdotes from his experiences while on the journeys. The views are breathtaking, the stories are fun and you will learn more about the coffees you love.



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  • Mark Thein

    Good to see you Jack. Keep up the good work!

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