Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly, CFO and Partner

Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly

CFO & Partner at Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting

Ladro Profiles Bob Ohly, Partner and CFO at Caffe Ladro/Ladro Roasting driving a pontoon in Minnesota

Ladro profiles Bob Ohly because this guy makes the Ladro machine go!  He is the wizard behind the curtain at the Lower Queen Anne Caffe Ladro Business Office.  He remembers numbers were always his thing.  In fact, at age seven, his mother taught him how to balance a checkbook. He and Founder, Jack Kelly, met as freshmen at Lourdes High School in Rochester, Minnesota.  Ohly recalls the first time he had espresso was from a little Krups espresso maker at the Kelly family residence.  In the early ‘80s, he and Kelly talked about how cool it would be to have an Italian style coffee bar.

Ohly still loves espresso and coffee.  He brews his first cups of the morning on a Bonavita 8 Cup Brewer at home in Edmonds, Washington.  He fuels the rest of his day with iced lattes he makes with the office La Marzocco or the cold brew he and Ladro IT guy make regularly during the summer months. When he goes on vacation, the coffee gear goes along, too.

Our Wizard of Ladro is really shy and doesn’t like photos or interviews.  He does like dogs, cats, pizza, bacon and football (and baseball and golf and wrestling and sports). While coffee makes it possible, it isn’t coffee.  It is his family.  He and his wife have three children and live in Edmonds. They travel to the Midwest annually to enjoy the company of family. Ohly comes from a big one.  He is lucky 13 out of 14 children. You can imagine the kick-ball games that ensue when his siblings and their families get together.

The people he works with are his favorite part of his job. Few things in life have given Bob Ohly “such consistent pleasure.  To be able to make coffee for a living is like being paid to be happy.”



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