Seattle’s Long Gray Winter Begins

Seattle’s Long Gray Winter Begins

Seattle’s Long Grey Winter arrived last month. Our golden autumn crispness is hardening into winter’s more biting temperatures and the sun has forgotten what we look like.

Seattle's Long Gray Winter shown with a cloudy backdrop to the Seattle skyline

Last year, we all sought some form of hygge, the Danish word for a variety of coziness we’ve tried to recreate with blankets, candles, books, and warm mugs. Maybe this year you’re looking towards the Japanese concept of ikigai, of meaningful purpose in life.

Seattle's long gray winter with is easier to endure with a perfectly brewed coffee from Caffe Ladro.

What exactly are we all searching for in these words? Maybe it’s belonging. We all want to feel welcomed as part of the whole. We want winter’s loneliness to melt away in a profusion of softly smiling community. That’s why the holiday season starts earlier every year. We’re all craving the same thing and it isn’t (necessarily) peppermint flavored or wrapped creatively or even woven into a blanket. It’s the contentment we find at the bottom of a coffee cup, across the table from your friend.

Caffe Ladro brings neighborhood community directly into each of our locations and we really enjoy participating in community events. We are quite likely the coffee shop near you. Whether you’re a regular or visit for the first time, whether you’re meeting that friend for coffee or reading in the corner alone; you belong at Caffe Ladro. We might not have blankets (full disclosure, we won’t have blankets), but we’ll serve you the perfect cup of coffee and welcome you into our family any time. We also host a virtual book club periodically. You can find one of our recent recommendations here. And we’ll share how to make incredible coffee at home.

Thank you for belonging with us. We’ll get through Seattle’s long gray winter together!


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