Queen Anne Blend

Queen Anne Blend Neighborhood Roots

Caffe Ladro honors its roots with the Queen Anne Blend. A sweet and balanced blend of seasonal coffees, it doesn’t just honor our first neighborhood café: it honors the neighborly aesthetic present at the very inception of Caffe Ladro. We’re still inviting every customer to become part of the Ladro family, no matter which neighborhood you find one of our cafés. One of the most precious features of Caffe Ladro is the ties to each individual neighborhood we consciously maintain through each café’s vibe, neighborhood outreach, and donations to local schools and charities. Caffe Ladro began in Upper Queen Anne, but it’s the neighborhood café all around Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area.

Queen Anne: Where It All Began

In 1994, Jack Kelly opened the first Caffe Ladro at the top of Queen Anne hill. Back in those days, if you watched Jack Kelly work the bar, you would think he was the son or the brother or the buddy of each person who came through the line. He knew each customer’s usual. He checked in about how the trip or the game or the work deal went and about what the day or week had in store. His warmth and positive nature invited each customer to become part of the Ladro family. That humble little café became two cafés when Kelly partnered with Bob Ohly and they built the second store in Lower Queen Anne. Since then, the company grew into 15 cafes, a coffee roaster, and a bakery.

Queen Anne Blend Tastes Like Home

Queen Anne coffee is what you want to be sipping when you need a taste of home. We choose mellow, flavorful coffees and lightly roast them to bring forth the gentle citrus, fig, and hazelnut notes you expect in a cup of Queen Anne coffee. It’s the perfect anytime coffee: breakfast, after lunch, a little sip before dinner; whenever you need that bit of warm comfort and scent of home.

Clementine, Fig, and Hazelnut

We don’t add flavorings to our coffees, so what do these taste notes actually mean? The flavors we point out on the label occur naturally in the coffee because of where it is grown, the precipitation that year, and the varietal of the bean.

  • Clementine: denotes a balanced citrus flavor, not very acidic, but not too sweet either. It’s perfectly in the middle.
  • Fig: usually meaning dried fig, this concentrated flavor is—again—balanced and in the middle. Not as sweet as raisins, but not as earthy as prunes.
  • Hazelnut: one of the sweeter nuts, hazelnut lends itself to blending well with other flavors. At the risk of beginning to sound like a board of cheese and charcuterie delights, it bridges the gap between Clementine and Fig.

SCAA Flavor Wheel

Love At First Sip

If you think we’re exaggerating, just taste it. Queen Anne Blend hits that perfect coffee love spot for almost everyone’s palate. We love to give it as gifts during the holidays because it’s just so pleasant. It’s coming home after a long day to find your best friend is not only making you dinner—they have your kid finishing up their homework without any complaints. What a relief! Sit down and enjoy yourself.


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