Compare your blends for me. Which one do I want?

  1. Choose your roast level. Do you prefer Light, Medium, or Dark roasted coffee? We Light roast all our Micro Lot coffees, to better coax out their unique flavor profiles. Most of our Caffe Ladro blends are Medium roast, bringing forth rich flavors without bitterness. We don’t believe in roasting coffee as dark as some companies, so you’ll find that even our Dark roast skews lighter than you might expect (it’s certainly lighter than Starbucks).
  2. How will you be brewing your coffee? While this won’t yield a dramatic difference to your experience, we do tend to prefer Micro Lot coffees in pour over or Chemex brewers, Ladro Espresso in espresso machines or regular drip brewers, and Queen Anne, Fremont, and Diablo in regular drip brewers or French Press.
  3. That’s nice and all, but seriously: Which Ladro Roasting coffee do I want? Let us break them down for you:
    1. Ladro Espresso (Medium roast) – You can’t go wrong with this coffee. It’s our most versatile blend, used for espresso in all our cafés and often brewed as drip as well.
    2. Diablo (Dark roast) – Do you love a little milk or cream in your coffee? Maybe some sugar and chocolate too? Delicious Diablo will hold its bold flavor and it’s certified Fair Trade Organic as well.
    3. Fremont (Medium roast) – An excellent choice for any lover of a classic flavorful drip coffee. Also certified Fair Trade Organic.
    4. Queen Anne (Medium roast) – Do you like tea almost as much as coffee? This coffee has a delightful tea-like quality, while remaining one of our favorite drip blends.
    5. Decaf (Medium roast) – Is caffeine a little too much for you, especially in the evening? But you miss really good coffee because most decaf is just… okay? Try this. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
    6. Micro Lots (Light roast) – Our seasonal selection of Micro Lot coffees are always distinct, despite their diversity of flavor. Read through the online notes and choose the one that sounds the most interesting. We’ve already guaranteed they’re delicious. You just have to find your ultimate favorite.
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