What does Fair Trade and/or Organic (FTO) Mean?

Some of our coffees are certified Fair Trade and/or Organic (FTO when both certifications apply to a coffee). This means that the farmers’ growing and labor practices meet the requirements for Fair Trade and/or Organic certification and that the farmers have paid a fee to use that certification on their coffees. When we roast and package Organic certified coffees, we follow WSDA Organic requirements, using separate storage containers for those coffees and purging our roaster and packaging equipment before we roast, grind, or package the Organic coffees.

While not all of the coffees we use are certified Fair Trade and/or Organic, we intentionally purchase high quality coffees from trusted sources at prices that ensure the farmers and workers at each stage of the coffee’s life are paid fairly. When possible, we work cooperatively with farmers to better their agricultural practices and pay fair prices to them directly for their coffee beans. We develop relationships that benefit farms and mills that produce excellent quality coffee.

Our Fair Trade, Organic (FTO) blends are Fremont and Diablo.

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