Sinergia Project

Sinergia Project: Better Together

We are so excited to announce the Sinergia Project! We’ve been brewing it for months and are pumped to share the details of the project and the first release. So, what is the Sinergia Project? Great question. Sinergia, is Italian for synergy, and we are doing just that: creating synergy. Our process for choosing beans is already highly selective. For the Sinergia Project, we are selecting extraordinarily special beans. The coffees will then be individually roasted to highlight each varietal’s absolute best characteristics. The result creates a blend that is greater than the sum of its separate parts and is truly better together.

sinergia project packaged coffee from ladro roasting with coffee beans and coffee saucer from caffe ladroSinergia Project – Kenya

This will be an ongoing project with rotating coffees and our first release, launching October 2017, features two Kenyan coffees. Alfonso Palacios from The Coffee Universe explains Kenyan coffee is “characterized by its powerful, wine-toned acidity wrapped in sweet fruit flavors and pleasant cocoa aromas.” One is from the Karumandi and Kirinyaga region and the other is from the Nyeri region. The Kirinyaga coffee varietals include SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian, grown at an altitude of 1130-1900 meters. The coffee is double washed after depulping and fermenting, then dried in the sun on raised beds.  The Nyeri coffee varietals include SL28, SL34 and Ruiru 11, grown at 1220-2300 meters, and fully washed then dried on raised beds. Together, the taste notes include an intriguing mix of Assam tea, lemongrass and key lime.

Smallholder farmers around the Karumandi and Ichamara washing stations grow both these coffees. Farmer work plots so small that they are measured by the number of trees instead of acreage. According to Royal Coffee, Kenya uses an auction system for buying coffee. This system increases the value of the county’s exceptional coffees, keeping coffee margins high and stable. Not only are these coffees supporting small, family farmers, but also the Baragwi Farming Cooperative Society. This coop of the Karumandi factory commits to an additional mission: supporting the Mount Kenya Project. The Mount Kenya Project is a women’s group aiming to improve quality of life through local economic development projects. Those initiatives reduce poverty and increase business knowledge in these communities.


Millennials and baby boomers alike will love this lightly roasted coffee for the depth of flavor it produces. We challenge you to take a step back from your busy life. Indulge in this delicious micro-lot coffee. Savor the flavors and seriously take your coffee experience up a notch!

As always, thanks for coffee-nerding out with us! We would love to hear your feedback on our first release of the Sinergia Project – Kenya. To send us an email, please fill out the contact us form on our website.

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