3 Best Ways to Store Coffee

Store Coffee the Best Ways

Coffee lovers learn quickly that buying freshly roasted whole beans makes for a better brew. They also know that grinding coffee beans just prior to brewing is a key to a quality cup. A question we hear often is, “How should I store coffee beans until I grind them?” Here we offer the best ways to store coffee at home.

The enemies of coffee flavor prior to brewing are: oxygen, water, heat and light.

Depending upon how  much coffee you go through at a time, you may need different types of storage. If you blow through a 12oz bag of beans in a couple of days, resealing your bag with the zipper lock will work fine for you. Just be certain you set your coffee beans in a spot where sunlight and heat from your appliances cannot warm them.

Airscape Coffee Storage Canister and Ladro Espresso CoffeeIf you think it will take you a week or more to savor that bag, you need a container that will seal tightly because oxygen and moisture from the air will change the flavor of your beans.  Those elements will  cause them to deteriorate. Because water alters roasted coffee, we don’t advise over buying coffee and freezing those beans.

Three best ways to store coffee beans are in:

1. A seal-able stainless steel container,

2. A seal-able ceramic container, or

2. An opaque glass container with a tight lid.

Your best approach is to buy what you think you will use in a week or two. When you find yourself getting low on coffee, head to the cafe or market to buy more.  If you know your weekly/monthly usage, you can set up an auto-delivery through our website and Ladro coffee will arrive in your mailbox at the interval you choose. If by chance you over-buy whole bean coffee, one trip into the freezer (after you vacuum seal or carefully seal in a zipper plastic bag–sometimes we all make-do) will preserve your coffee.  Storing your coffee the freezer for daily use isn’t advised. With just a little information, you can enjoy a fresher cup of coffee every time you brew.

If you have a friend who needs a quick answer, we offer one in our FAQ section. Happy Sipping!

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