What type of grind should I use for which brewing method?

Type of Grind for Brewing Method

Whole Bean: Please don’t try to brew coffee with whole coffee beans. It’ll taste bad. Do you need a grinder? We like this one.

French Press Grind: Use this Coarse Coffee Grind for French Press, Chemex brewers, and for professional coffee cuppings.

Drip Grind (Brewer): This Medium Coffee Grind works best with automatic drip brewers.

Fine Drip Grind (Pour Over): This Medium Coffee Grind should be used with pour-over methods, like the Bonavita Immersion Dripper.

Espresso Grind: Use this Fine Coffee Grind for your AeroPress Brewer.

You can find more information on our “Choose Your Grind” post on this topic.

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