New Packaging Design for Ladro Coffee

Excellent Coffee Deserves Incredible Packaging

New Packaging and Design for Ladro Roasting

New Packaging Design Ladro Bag

Seattle, WA: This month, coffee connoisseurs will definitely notice the new packaging design of a favorite Seattle roaster. Because consumers want their coffee beans to stay fresh, Ladro Roasting chose a quad-seal, box bottom bag that also boasts a pocket zipper for resealing manufactured by Savor Brands. Because consumers also want packaging that looks amazing at their home coffee stations, Ladro worked with designer Patrick Perkins to showcase the brand’s signature color, iconic Ladro man, blend information, roast levels, and helpful brewing information.

New Packaging Design Ladro Ba

With the company’s signature mango color in dominant placement, customers will easily find Ladro’s core blends: Ladro Espresso, Queen Anne, Fremont, Diablo and Decaf, as well as micro-lot coffees. The history behind the brand’s color stems from a happy accident with the company’s printer. When moving from plain white cups to printed cups, the manufacturer inverted the colors on Ladro’s order. The printed cups arrived with a surprise; they were mango with black instead of the more subtle black with mango. The company embraced the error. What might have led to frustration and delay, in the end, made the brand’s cups easily recognizable.

While the packaging is new, the same carefully sourced and roasted coffees are inside each bag. Ladro strives to provide profound service; the company’s core belief is that profound service improves the world.


ABOUT CAFFE LADRO: We value sustainably and ethically produced coffee; sourcing our green coffees through relationships with coffee farmers and millers. Our range of blends and seasonally changing micro-lot coffees remains the cornerstone of Ladro. With a coffee roastery, a bakery and 15 retail locations in and around Seattle, Caffe Ladro brings craft to all elements of the café experience. From coffee origin to your cup, we guarantee our commitment to our customers and community.

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  • Stephen Winter

    Thank you for the personalized notes in the shipments… it shows you care. Also, we LOVE the new resealable bags of coffee. They are awesome!

    • Ladro Roasting

      Such great news! Thank you for letting us know Stephen.

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