Peru Coffee Buying 2017

Peru Coffee Buying 2017

According to Reuter’s, “Peruvian farmers will likely harvest some 300,000 tonnes of coffee this year, 13 percent more than in 2016.” Most of that coffee was produced during the early coffee season. When CEO Jack Kelly went to Peru Coffee Buying in 2017, he saw coffee blooming and maturing. He inspected freshly milled coffee at OVM Mill–the source for the coffee in Ladro Roasting’s Fremont Blend.

Edwardo of OVM Mill proudly shows the coffee milling machine on Ladro Roasting's Peru Coffee Buying trip 2017   Peru Coffee Buying trip 2017 Jack Kelly inspects freshly milled coffee at OVM MIll

Coffee is both maturing and flowering in Peru   Natural springs and waterfalls provide irrigation for many agricultural crops and increase coffee quality and yield.

Pictured below are members of the El Milagro cooperative with Dana Foster (Atlas Coffee Importers) and Jack Kelly. The coop doubled in size last year with each member farm producing 20 bags of coffee. Natural springs in the region supply water for irrigation, which increases coffee quality and yield.

Members of the El Milagro Coop in Peru with Dana Foster and Jack Kelly of Ladro Roasting  Freshly picked Peru coffee cherry in basket while coffee picker holds it.

Edwardo shared a farm tour–he grows yucca and passion fruit in addition to coffee. Rice is another agricultural product of Peru.

Rice is another agricultural product of Peru. The fields are beautifully green on the landscape.  Hand powered bridges let locals and visitors to Peru traverse rivers.  Ripe Coffee Cherries in a basket of a Peru Coffee Picker.

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